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If you are planning to go to a gym and deciding on what to take will be quiet tough. Especially if it’s your first time. You basically don’t have to go all overboard with the gym bag and the things you need to take. However you really don’t need anything much to still have a good workout session. Below are some of the gym essentials you will need and give you some ideas on what to take to the gym.

Gym Bag for all the essentials

One of the main things you need is a Gym bag, since you have to carry all your essentials. It dosent have to be a Gym bag itself, even if it’s a backpack or any bag will do, as long as it can hold all your gym items. Incase if you are planning to shower and change at the gym itself, you might need to consider keeping some space for extra clothes in your gym bag. So make sure there is enough of space in the bag for any last min essentials.

Towel to wipe the sweat off

Towel should be the main gym essentials in a bag. Since nobody would want to share a towel if its soaked in sweat. However certain gym have no towel no workout policies for this particular reason. The towel doesn’t have to be a full sized one, as long as it wipes your sweat off, any small tower would do. You will be able to find small work out towels which is much easier to carry around and still do the job they required for.

Comfortable Gym clothes

You cannot just walk in to a gym with a normal casual dress. You have to have a Hurricane Gym Wear , or any comfortable gear that will make your workout much smoothers. It particularly doesn’t have to be a branded gym cloth. What they do need is to be comfy while you work out. Preferably a shirt that will make you move around easily and not to hot. If it’s the leg day for you at the gym, you might need to consider getting a comfy short that will let you squat.

Water bottle to quench your thirst

You should have a water bottle no matter what. Certain gym provide water bottles, but it’s better if you have your own bottle so you can quench your thirst while you work out. This is especially important if you are planning on doing some cardio in a treadmill.

Headphones and a good playlist to boost you up

You do not want to work out while listening to some old music. So its best if you download few gym playlists to play along while you work out in a treadmill, A lot of people prefer wireless earphones so that it won’t get caught anywhere.

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