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As a parent, you’ve to take care of your child’s needs not only physically but mentally as well. Feeding them, clothing them, teaching them proper habits and behaviours as well as instilling positive and resourceful attributes marks only a few of these needs. In particular, fearlessness is something you want to teach your child as it boosts their self-confidence and allows them to develop a fighting spirit that is capable of overcoming limitations. This is an invaluable asset that you can begin to teach them to apply in sports, which can make or break a match, but naturally, it will find its way into other daily applications. Here are 5 ways you can teach your child how to be fearless:

Set High Expectations

There are kids who have achieved higher grades way above their average level or lifted weights that wasn’t thought possible of them. How do they do this? Because some part of them believes they can achieve this goal, and it drives them to work harder and commit themselves to actually making it happen. Setting low expectations for your child and having them believe that that is all they are capable of will never increase their self-esteem and confidence, knowing they just meet the bare expectation so set them high.

Accept Failure

As much as meeting expectations are important, so is accepting the occasional failure so don’t be unreasonably tough on your child. Let them learn what loss is after experiencing defeat in a match and show them how to come back from it and regain that sense of achievement. As adults, we all know more than our fair share of loss after all.

Encourage Their Dreams

No matter how unrealistic or short-sighted these dreams may appear to you, remember to encourage your child’s dreams as what this really means is that they are setting high goals for themselves. This is something you want to encourage. But that’s not all you can do. Show them the reality of their dreams. Take them for the big matches. Buy yourself and your kids a pair of AFL tickets and show them how the champions play. This will show them that certain dreams can be made a reality with the right amount of tenacity and spirit.

Challenge Them

Know that your kid obviously can’t lift the whole world on his shoulders at once. But what you can do is encourage him to challenge himself one stepping stone at a time. This could be learning one extra new word each day or adding an extra 30 seconds to running time each day etc. These are small challenges that will accumulate to something bigger in the long term and show him or her that whatever end-challenge that was set is in reach.

Recognize Effort

Results are nice enough but at the end of the day what you should be basing your feedback on is effort. From sports to studies or even basic household activities, if your child gives it all he or she’s got, show them that you are proud of them- regardless of what their results may be. This is exactly what will inspire that fighting spirit and an attitude of fearlessness.

These are the 5 main ways you can teach your child to be fearless and excel in not only sports but his studies and everyday activities. But remember that it amounts to nothing if you do not recognize how hard he or she works to achieve the goals that have been set!

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