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Human body is more fragile than you think. This is why you shouldn’t allow things to rot where there are since the subsequent consequences may not be pretty. In a background like this, it is essential that you know well about the conditions that get better even if you let it be like that and the conditions that will change your life upside down in a negative way; herniated disk is one such condition.

It is by medical defining a condition that occurs is a fragment of the disc nucleus that is pushed outside of the annulus, to the spinal canal via an annulus rupture. Although it may not make sense much to you, it is what it is. But as it was mentioned, this is one of those conditions that you need to fix as soon as you can. In this read, we will be brief talking about the horrendous fates that you can end up with, if you kept ignoring it.

  1. There are more than enough doctors and treatments

There are conditions in the world, like the Coronavirus that is going all over the place, for which there are no proper cures, and no proper doctors and surgeons to fix it. This would have been a perfectly excuse for a condition like this if it was the case. Fortunately, Singapore is one of those countries where you could transplant a brain if you wanted to. Since there are specialists, you can get it done easily.

  • Long term nerve damage

Your nervous system needs to be in the best condition in order for you to have the right amount when you are aging. The more you wait, the severe would be the damage that your nervous system will have to control. After all, since the disk is pushed off the annulus, it would take extra effort for the nervous system to keep everything intact and that energy runs out soon or later. Since there are even non-surgical slip disc treatment in singapore, there is no justification for waiting out.

  • Direct damage to the bladder control

No one likes to be that person who has no control over the bladder. It doesn’t matter where you work and whatnot, it is essential that your bladder is in the best control. But a condition like this, slowly attacks the nearby organs in such a way that they lose the control over their basic functions. The longer you leave it untreated, the higher the possibility would be.

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